Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 355, December 21 - Psalm 146

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5 Blessed are those whose help comes from the God of Jacob,
         whose hope is centered in the Eternal their God—
6 Who created the heavens, the earth,
        the seas, and all that lives within them;
Who stays true and remains faithful forever;
7 Who works justice for those who are pressed down by the world,
        providing food for those who are hungry.

The Voice

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  1. Psalm 146
    1 Hallelujah!
    Praise the Lord, my soul!
    2 I want to praise the Lord throughout my life.
    I want to make music to praise my God as long as I live.

    9 The Lord protects foreigners.
    The Lord gives relief to orphans and widows.
    But he keeps wicked people from reaching their goal.
    10 The Lord rules as king forever.
    Zion, your God rules throughout every generation.