Monday, December 26, 2011

360 using 345

On the iPad and Android there is a great “app” called the YouVersion Bible. I’ve been using one of their reading plans for about 135 days and love it. The other day I was looking at their other plans and noticed one called Project 345. Their idea, similar to mine, is to read one chapter per day, however they are looking at just the New Testament and reading during the week, with the weekends for “catch up.”

So being the geek I am, I thought it would be useful to utilize this plan.  Point to their website as a great resource. Also, if you do use the iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone you can keep up with your readings electronically.

So check out 

You can create an account for free.  Choose your favorite version and under the section called “Bible” you can choose a plan. 

Here’s the direct link to Project 345 -


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