Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preparation Time

I am really excited about this blog and the potential, if for no one else, for me.
I've started the program myself now so that I can be ahead of the game and have the posts ready to go.  The Project 345 plan from YouVersion is interesting in the way they have set it up. So I'm adapting it to fit my goal, which is to read a chapter of scripture every day.  So even though the first is a Sunday and weekends are designed for "catch up" days, I'm going to start us on John 1.

I was really excited to see they started with the book of John. When I mapped out the plan on my own I started with John.  It will be interesting to see how they put the rest of the plan together.  On the "free reading" days I'll post a link to a Psalm or a chapter from Proverbs.  Both of these Old Testament books have so much to offer. In a Sunday School class a few months ago we were asked if we were on a deserted island and could have only one book of the Bible which book would it be, for me without hesitation it would be the book of Psalms.

Great stuff there!
Be blessed!


  1. For me, it would be Isaiah! I love this Book of the Bible! So soothing and confirming to me of God's love and care.

  2. Can we read any chapter in the Bible each day or should we stay on your schedule? Also, can we see what the year's schedule looks like?

    I like this idea a lot!! I was already planning to read some of the NT slowly this year.

  3. Annette,
    It's completely up to you. My desire is to help people get into the habit of reading the Bible each day. Something that I've struggled with. I really like the YouVersion Bible that's available online, for your iPhone/iPad or Android phone. I had put together the entire year when I found the YouVersion Project 345. We both started with John so I thought I'll use it for those who like the idea of utilizing YouVersion. They go from John to Acts. Which I would rather read the Gospels first ending with Luke and going right into Acts since they were both written by the same author. Thoughts?

  4. I'm in. I'm not sure how I'll read, but for now I will go with the flow. :) I also like starting with John. :)