Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov 19, Day 322 - Jude 1

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20 But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith, pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, 21 and await the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will bring you eternal life. In this way, you will keep yourselves safe in God’s love.
22 And you must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering. 23 Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.

"Building each other up" such an important part of what we should be doing for each other. I think about the days I've been down and I get a message of encouragement. It just makes my day and reminds that I do have brothers and sisters in Christ that lift me up. Reminds me that I need to be doing the same.

I also love verse 22. I've heard it said the church is the only army that buries our wounded. We need to show mercy to those struggling with their faith. Good reminders from Jude.


  1. Thanks for that message today, Holly. Building each other up IS very important. Not frivolous flattery, but genuine support for each other.

  2. Jude 1
    1b-2 To those who have been called, who are loved by God the Father, and who are kept safe for Jesus Christ. May mercy, peace, and love fill your lives!

    20-25 Dear friends, use your most holy faith to grow. Pray with the Holy Spirit’s help. Remain in God’s love as you look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to give you eternal life. Show mercy to those who have doubts. Save others by snatching them from the fire of hell. Show mercy to others, even though you are afraid that you might be stained by their sinful lives. God can guard you so that you don’t fall and so that you can be full of joy as you stand in his glorious presence without fault. Before time began, now, and for eternity glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.