Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 328, November 24 - Psalm 139

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1 O Eternal One, You have explored my heart and know exactly who I am;
2 You even know the small details like when I take a seat and when I stand up again. Even when I am far away, You know what I’m thinking.
3 You observe my wanderings and my sleeping, my waking and my dreaming, and You know everything I do in more detail than even I know.

13 For You shaped me, inside and out. You knitted me together in my mother’s womb long before I took my first breath.
14 I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe. You have approached even the smallest details with excellence; Your works are wonderful; I carry this knowledge deep within my soul.

23 Explore me, O God, and know the real me. Dig deeply and discover who I am. Put me to the test and watch how I handle the strain.
24 Examine me to see if there is an evil bone in me, and guide me down Your path forever.

Such a powerful Psalm about how well God knows us and how we are uniquely created.

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  1. Psalm 139
    1 O Lord, you have examined me, and you know me.

    16 Your eyes saw me when I was only a fetus.
    Every day ⌊of my life⌋ was recorded in your book
    before one of them had taken place.
    17 How precious are your thoughts concerning me, O God!
    How vast in number they are!

    23 Examine me, O God, and know my mind.
    Test me, and know my thoughts.
    24 See whether I am on an evil path.
    Then lead me on the everlasting path.

    This Psalm has been so important to me since the first time I read it. It answered all of my questions ~ my mother died when I was five, a month before my sixth birthday. The Lord has been with me all of the time. I have not been alone.