Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept. 28, Day 272 - Titus 2

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I think the part that jumped out to me the most was the section about the older women teaching the younger ones. My church is mufti-generational and we do see interaction between our senior citizens and the younger people, but maybe not as much as Paul was intended.

There's some other good stuff here too. I don't remember really reading Titus. (I know I have other times I've read the Bible through, but it all seems new)


  1. What's really jumping out at me as we go through these epistles is that Paul is basically saying, over and again, that whatever your role is in life right now, do it righteously and do it well. If you're young, then be respectful and open to learning. If you're older, teach the younger ones. If you're a servant, be obedient. If you're a master, be loving and responsible. If you're a wife, honor your husband. If you're a husband, love your wife. A good reminder that we aren't always to try to change our role--we're to let God change our attitudes about those roles.

  2. I also like the part about older women teaching younger women. I've always had older women as mentors. In this society, we often ignore older people, thinking they are old-fashioned or they can't relate to the younger generation. But, they are full of experience and wisdom.

  3. Titus 2
    Guidelines for Christian Living

    1 Tell believers to live the kind of life that goes along with accurate teachings.

    10b-14a Then they will show the beauty of the teachings about God our Savior in everything they do. After all, God’s saving kindness has appeared for the benefit of all people. It trains us to avoid ungodly lives filled with worldly desires so that we can live self-controlled, moral, and godly lives in this present world. At the same time we can expect what we hope for — the appearance of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. He gave himself for us to set us free from every sin and to cleanse us...