Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oct. 2, Day 276 - Philemon 1

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What an interesting letter! It seems to be Paul's plea to Philemon to show Onesimus kindness.

I'm not sure what to make of this and how it applies to my life. Though I guess one thing that I learned in reading a little bit about the book is that Onesimus was a slave and Philemon apparently was very rich. And Paul's probable intent was to encourage Philemon and those that met in his home to be accepting of Onesimus. Kind of like we need to be accepting of other Christian brothers and sisters regardless of their social status.


  1. We also see Paul's faith here--when you pray to go somewhere, have them prepare you a room!

  2. Interesting research, Holly. If I ever read this, I had forgotten.

  3. Philemon 1
    6-7 As you share the faith you have in common with others, I pray that you may come to have a complete knowledge of every blessing we have in Christ. Your love for God’s people gives me a lot of joy and encouragement. You, brother, have comforted God’s people.

    10a ...Onesimus [Useful]
    11 Once he was useless to you, but now he is very useful to both of us.

    Have we grown into our names?

    22 One more thing—have a guest room ready for me. I hope that, because of your prayers, God will give me back to you.

    25 The good will of our Lord Jesus Christ be yours.