Friday, October 5, 2012

Oct. 5, Day 279 - Hebrews 3

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Forgive me if I leave a really short message today. (I'm doing this on Thursday night.) I do photography for the sports at the university I work for and we had both men's and women' soccer tonight. Both games went into double-overtime with our girls winning with 3 seconds left. (The guys won as well) With 6 minutes left in the second half of the guys' game the local police showed up to tell us to clear the field they needed to land a helicopter so they could air lift an accident victim. It was a wild and exciting night, but I was on my feet for over 5 hours and my back is KILLING ME!

But the Holy Spirit being good there was a section that jumped out at me, verses 7 - 11:
That is why the Holy Spirit says,
“Today when you hear his voice,
    don’t harden your hearts
as Israel did when they rebelled,
    when they tested me in the wilderness.
There your ancestors tested and tried my patience,
    even though they saw my miracles for forty years.
10 So I was angry with them, and I said,
‘Their hearts always turn away from me.
    They refuse to do what I tell them.’
11 So in my anger I took an oath:
    ‘They will never enter my place of rest.’”

Especially verse 8: don't harden your hearts.... 
Blessings all!


  1. Holly,
    I hope your back feels better soon.

  2. Whoa, what a night! Praying you got a good night's sleep and woke up feeling rejuvenated.

    And that was the same section that jumped out at me--that we like to think that we wouldn't rebel against the truth, but that's exactly what humanity has a history of doing. Definitely something to guard ourselves against.

  3. Hebrews 3
    10 For the 40 years they traveled on to the land that I had promised them, that generation broke My heart. Grieving and angry, I said, "Their hearts are unfaithful; they don't know what I want from them."

    16-19 Now who, exactly, was God talking to then? Who heard and rebelled? Wasn't it all of those whom Moses led out of Egypt? And who made God angry for an entire generation? Wasn't it those who sinned against Him, those whose bodies are still buried in the wilderness, the site of that uprising? It was those disobedient ones who God swore would never enter into salvation's rest. And we can see that they couldn't enter because they did not believe.