Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11 - Luke 7

Today's Reading  -

I love the story of the Centurion.  He didn't feel worthy to approach Jesus but his love for his slave prompted him to send messengers to ask for help. He also understood Jesus' authority. I had to ask myself as I read this "Do I understand God's authority?"

Then there is the widow who's son has died. Jesus felt compassion for her and raised her son from the dead.

And finally, Simon the Pharisee and the woman of ill repute. She knew what people thought of her yet she came to Jesus and humbled herself before Him. She found forgiveness.

Jesus does so much for these three people. In each example we see his compassion and his authority.

This reminds me as well, that our Lord is compassionate towards us and he has authority to heal and forgive our sins.

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