Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, Day 108 - Luke 19

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I love the story of Zacchaeus!  He’s a man that was hated by society because he was a tax collector.  He may have been “looked down” on because of his height, but he desperately wanted to see Jesus.  I love how the rejects of society are the very people that Jesus reached out to.  It reminds me that no one is outside of Jesus’ love.


  1. I was really struggling with the parable of the ten servants and finally found an interpretation that made sense to me. Here is a link:

  2. Thank you, Holly! I loved that. I think the most fun is singing and doing the motions with children to Bible songs! Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham...

    Luke 19:1-10
    I especially like Zacchaeus. Our name means the same. P U R E
    The Lord did this for both of us. Gave us our name meaning and grew us both up into it!

    The first time I heard this song was singing it in worship on the mission base in Grenada. So meaningful.


    You did not wait for me
    To draw near to You
    But You clothed Yourself
    With frail humanity
    You did not wait for me
    To cry out to You
    But You let me hear
    Your voice calling me

    And I'm forever grateful to You
    I'm forever grateful for the cross
    I'm forever grateful to You that You came
    To seek and save the lost

    Mark Altroge 1988 ICS ARR UBP CCLI #21208