Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, Day 96 - Luke 11

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One of my other blogs is a Christian Book Review site and one of the books I'm reading is More Beauty, Less Beast: Transforming your Inner Orge by Debora Coty.  She used the acronym PRAY in relationship to the Lord's Prayer as a way to take us through a focused prayer process.  I've been using it while I'm on the demon machine AKA the elliptical machine.

P stands for Praise, praising God for how He is and what He's done Father, may your name be kept holy 
R stands for Raise, raising your requests to Him Give us each day the food we need,
A stands for Admit, confessing your sins and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us
Y stands for Yield, admitting we need God's help for everything! And don’t let us yield to temptation.

I really liked the way she tied it all together.

There is also the ACTS "model" of prayer:

Blessings all!


  1. I was really struck my verse 35 in this chapter, which says in the NKJV: "Take care that the light that is within you is not darkness."

    Darkness, technically, has no substance--it's just the absence of light. But here, Jesus makes it clear that the absence of the light of the Lord IS something--it's the substance of evil and sin. Which means ignoring it doesn't make it go away--we need that Light to banish it.

  2. Luke 11
    9 our first acronym A S K
    ask ~*~ seek ~*~ knock

    37-44 The Pharisees invite Jesus to have lunch. He accepts. They look to the external. Jesus tells them to give what is inside as a gift to the poor, and then everything will be clean for them. They have ignored justice and the love of God.

    “How horrible it will be for you Pharisees!
    You love to sit in the front seats in the synagogues and to be greeted in the marketplaces.

    "So you are witnesses and approve of what your ancestors did. They murdered the prophets for whom you build monuments. Yes, I can guarantee this truth: The people living today will be held responsible for this."

    45-53 One of the experts in Moses’ Teachings said to him, “Teacher, when you talk this way, you insult us too.”

    Jesus said, “How horrible it will be for you experts in Moses’ Teachings!
    You burden people with loads that are hard to carry. But you won’t lift a finger to carry any of these loads.

    "You have taken away the key that unlocks knowledge. You haven’t gained entrance into knowledge yourselves, and you’ve kept out those who wanted to enter."

    When Jesus left, the scribes and the Pharisees held a terrible grudge against him.