Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8, Day 99 - Proverbs 8

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Verse 10 - 14
Choose my instruction rather than silver,
    and knowledge rather than pure gold.

For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies.
    Nothing you desire can compare with it.

“I, Wisdom, live together with good judgment.
    I know where to discover knowledge and discernment.

All who fear the Lord will hate evil.
    Therefore, I hate pride and arrogance,
    corruption and perverse speech.

Common sense and success belong to me.
    Insight and strength are mine.

How our world needs to see God's wisdom rather than riches.  

Today many churches around the world celebrate Easter. As our Orthodox brothers and sisters will celebrate Easter next Sunday.  But as we reflect on the glorious resurrection I wanted to share another youtube video.  One of my favorite bands, Petra did this song almost 30 years ago.  Someone put the music to scenes from the Passion of the Christ.  It is very moving.  I probably should have used it on Friday... 


  1. It is a wonderful Easter day! Have a great day everyone...

  2. Proverbs 8
    1-4 Does not wisdom call out?
    Does not understanding raise its voice?
    Wisdom takes its stand on high ground,
    by the wayside where the roads meet,
    near the gates to the city.
    At the entrance wisdom sings its song,
    “I am calling to all of you,
    and my appeal is to all people."

    Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.

    We hear the phase, "fall by the wayside." No longer relevant or active.

    Wisdom takes its stand on high ground,
    by the wayside where the roads meet

    Where the roads meet ~*~ may we have God's insight not to be swayed. Fully persuaded so we cannot be persuaded otherwise.

    Isaiah 30:21 Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, "This is the way you should go," whether to the right or to the left.

  3. I was up and out for a sunrise service yesterday and then a picnic, so am a little late chiming in. But I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

    I like the command in this chapter to "Hear instruction and be wise, do not disdain it." So often we resist being taught and do indeed sneer at those who try to teach us. As a home schooling mom, that sure frustrates me in the kids, LOL, but I know I've been guilty of the same thing. But if we receive the Lord's instruction with an open heart...oh, the bounty of riches that will be open to us!