Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, Day 138 - Acts 17

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I like how Paul looked at the current culture in that the people of Athens were very religious, but they had all kinds of shrines and religious ideas (Sound familiar?) 

Yet he points out that there is even an idol to the Unknown God. He begins to teach them that this Unknown God and that he is the true God. While some laughed others believed or at least wanted to know more.  It makes wonder how we can do the same thing today. How can we address our society today and point them to Christ?  I have no answers.  But reading about Paul addressing the society of his day that were very religious and intellectual, they weren't all that different than people we see day.  A challenge, one that will take God's wisdom to tackle. 


  1. Acts 17
    34 Some men joined him and became believers. With them were Dionysius, who was a member of the court, and a woman named Damaris, and some other people.

    Put your name there!
    and a woman named ...
    How glorious He is! He has saved us and made us His own! Glory to His Name!

    ~*~ His own. Will we receive Him?

  2. Holly, all good questions. I can only say to people that want to argue about religion that religion isn't science. They are two different things. I heard a man witnessing the other night and he said, (paraphrasing): "You can argue about the existence of God and Jesus all you want and give me all the logical reasons why I shouldn't believe. But, you can't argue that my life is so much better since I became a Christian and found Christ. My relationships are better. I'm happier. You can't argue that I don't treat you better. You can't argue that I'm not a better person, more fair and loving."