Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, Day 146 - Acts 23

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Again, Paul shows tremendous wisdom.  First he declares that he has lived his life with a clear conscience, which earns him a slap in the face.  But he then divides the council and in essence creates a civil war. 

And once again, God shows himself faithful to Paul but sending him encouragement and protection.  I am sure, God does the same for us. 


  1. One thing I'm definitely learning is that I have to study my history and maps better so I can understand who all these different leaders are and where all these places are. Paul sure did travel a lot!

  2. Acts 23
    11 The Lord stood near Paul the next night and said to him, “Don’t lose your courage! You’ve told the truth about me in Jerusalem. Now you must tell the truth about me in Rome.”

    The Lord tells Paul where he will be going. Out of the barracks hold back on the road again. Paul knew that he was being moved and that the Lord was with him.