Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, Day 149 - Acts 24

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Paul begins his imprisonment spending over 2 years in the custody of Felix, who was hoping for a bribe. Paul never wavers in his testimony and it was evident that Felix trusted Paul's integrity. Even though he kept him in custody he gave him freedom and allowed his friends to attend to his needs.

I did find it interesting that Felix was married to a Jewish woman and when Paul spoke of righteousness and self control Felix became frightened.  Not sure why that was...

Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I pray that the Lord will give you and her family peace in this situation.  I can't imagine your pain. I am grateful that the Lord was able to speak to you through yesterday's Psalm.  He is so good.

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  1. Acts 24
    27 Two years passed. Then Porcius Festus took Felix’s place. (Since Felix wanted to do the Jews a favor, he left Paul in prison.)

    I have to confess! I needed to read ahead to find out what he was going to do with Paul. I stopped at Acts 25:14 and laughed: Festus said, “Felix left a man here in prison."

    I found it amazing, whatever Felix wanted to obtain monetarily, that he listened to Paul.

    22a Felix knew the way of Christ rather well...

    24b He sent for Paul and listened to him talk about faith in Christ Jesus.

    When he came under conviction he sent Paul back:

    25 As Paul discussed the subjects of God’s approval, self-control, and the coming judgment, Felix became afraid and said,
    “That’s enough for now. You can go. When I find time, I’ll send for you again.”

    Paul in prison ministry.