Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, Day 123 - Acts 6

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First sorry that yesterday's post got posted late.  I generally to the post in the evenings and schedule it to post at 12:30AM the morning of, last night I did all the steps EXCEPT actually hitting Publish. Thankfully I realized it this morning when I got to the office.  Especially good since most of my day I was out of the office.

Today's reading is Acts 6 where we see a little bit of conflict between the Greek Christians and the Hebrew Christians concerning the care of the widows.  The apostles quickly decide this is not their job and that faithful men need to be selected for this job.  I love what they do in verse 6, after they were selected they were prayed for!  WOW! We pray for missionaries and other ministers of the gospel but how often do we pray for those who are serving meals to the less fortunate!?!  It is great reminder that all the jobs within the church are important not just the upfront ones.

Stephen's story is an amazing one.  Since we probably know what is coming in tomorrow's chapter, I still won't spoil it! 

Thank you ladies for sticking with this adventure.  I pray that this time is a blessing to you, I know I'm blessed by your comments even though I've not been commenting on them, I do read them.


  1. I think this chapter also validates that the ministers or pastors truly can't do it all. Stephen's role as a servant for God is just as important. He passes the message on in his own way and through his own role in the church.

    We can all be ministers no matter what our role is. Sometimes, it is easy to slip into the shadows, thinking since we don't have as much theological training, we shouldn't be ministering. But, all the theological training in the world doesn't mean anything unless the Spirit is shining through us. That is the best witness of all - and, we all have that gift to share if we so choose.

    And, Holly...YES, this time is definitely a blessing for me. This has been a wonderful way to start each day.

  2. It's a blessing for me too!

    I certainly know Stephen's story, and a recent sermon in our church was on that prayer for those who serve, the importance of their roles. But it was especially striking today in this short chapter. I love how, in verse 10, the men were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit so they spread lies about him. And in verse 15, they saw his face as the face of an angel.

    Wow--I never caught that before! In a discussion a few years ago, someone pointed out that the idea of someone looking "like and angel" as being beautiful and sweet is a relatively new idea--that there's a reason angels always greeted people with "Do not be afraid!" That they are likely, in face, very fierce and awesome of feature.

    Makes me wonder what Stephen looked like at that trial!

  3. Acts 6
    3a So, brothers and sisters, choose seven men whom the people know are spiritually wise.
    5a The suggestion pleased the whole group. So they chose Stephen, who was a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit,
    8a Stephen was a man filled with God’s favor and power.
    10 They couldn’t argue with Stephen because he spoke with the wisdom that the Spirit had given him.

    Known to be spiritually wise, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit, filled with God's favor and power. They couldn't argue with him because he spoke with the wisdom that the Spirit had given him.
    Reverse Thinking

    I too have enjoyed and been blessed by studying God's Word together here!