Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33 - Matthew 2

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In chapter 2 we see the visit of the Magi, which our pastor talked about how they were probably more like "astrologist" and not necessarily God fearing. Which this was the first time I had heard anything like that. Do any of you have any thoughts on the Wise Men? 

A couple of weeks ago a lady in our Sunday School class shared about this website that talks about the star that the Magi followed.  It's:

I also find it interesting that Joseph probably had the most visits from an angel than anyone else.  Not sure if it was because he was special or a little slow in "getting it" so God had to send an angel.


  1. LOL on Joseph being slow. That made me chuckle. I'd say it's more because he was the one put in charge of the life of the Son of God--pretty important stuff. If anyone deserves some divine guidance . . . ;-)

    And if we assume the magi are magi, then they're of that distinct Persian class that studied the stars, yes. At the time, there was no difference between astronomy and astrology. All throughout ancient history, stars appeared to herald the birth of important men--it was in fact rare for a king or ruler to be born WITHOUT some record of this having happened. But I highly doubt magi found it necessary to investigate each one. I think something about this one stood out to them. Something called to them. Something told them this was no ordinary king.

  2. All very interesting. I too had heard that the Magi were probably studying the stars and found a unique star formation.

    There is also much speculation about whether they really went to Egypt or not. Some say that story is symbolic, some say it contradicts the account in Luke and others say it really matches the story in Luke. But if they did, I would have liked to hear more about what they did when they were in Egypt. Surely, depending on how long they were there, this influenced Jesus as he was growing up.

  3. Matthew 2 is exciting news. The birth of our Messiah is being proclaimed. How far and long wise men from the East traveled to follow His star in the East to His birthplace. Proclaimed in Daniel 9:24-27 and Isaiah 7:14, He is here! King of kings and Lord of lords. Our redemption draws near. He is here! Jesus Christ our Redeemer.

    Continuing in confirmation of God's Word, the wise men and Joseph listen to the directions given to them in their dreams and obey, further fulfilling the words spoken by the Lord through the prophets, Hosea and Jeremiah.

    He has come!