Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57 - Matthew 26

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Chapter 26 starts out by Jesus plainly telling the disciples He is to be crucified and ends with Peter's denial. We also see Jesus heart wrenching prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus' prayers remind us that He was human and didn't want to go through the pain, agony, and death, yet He also says, "Not my well, but Yours be done."  How often have we prayed that?  For me, probably not often enough. Yet through God's Holy Spirit we have the power to do God's Will over our own.

Chapter 26 has so much good things in it and life lessons. Which one is speaking to you today?


  1. I too love the humanity in this chapter. That Jesus understood the will of God, His role in the salvation of mankind, but still wished there were another way. Yet He knew there wasn't, so did what He must out of love for us and obedience to the Father.

    And the disciples, too, are very human/fallible in this chapter. Falling asleep, forsaking him. Yet these men went on to found the churches all over the world.

    Sometimes we're all scared, sometimes we hide our faces. But God still has a plan for us, one of victory.

  2. Matthew 26
    By verses 8 and 9, I wrote 7-20-99 with the notation "You are (underlining "are") the perfume."

    My husband and several other men were preparing to go to Belize on a missions trip to help build a home and form the bricks. A question was risen why they were going, so many, when that preparation, flight, money could be sent for a greater purpose.

    This is what the Lord gave me: You are the perfume.

    And yes they were! Encouraging, laughing, working alongside. Love it!

    Two men from this group were baptized there!