Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 40 - Matthew 9

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More miracles of Jesus because of people's faith. The woman with the "issue of blood" (I think that's the way the King James worded it) is one of my favorite stories. She took such a gamble even being in public, but she believed if she could just touch His garment that would be good enough to heal her.  The same for the synagogue leader who's daughter had died. Such amazing faith, and it is good to be reminded of how Jesus responded to faith.

The one troubling thing in this passage is the first miracle. Where Jesus tells the cripple "Your sins are forgiven." I've heard too many preachers say things along the lines of "Well, you must have unconfessed sin in your life otherwise you wouldn't have this sickness or that." I don't think that was Jesus purpose here. He wanted to show everyone that He was indeed the Son of God and had the power to forgive sins. Not that our sins keep us sick.  Any thoughts on this or other parts of the passage?


  1. I agree with you on shaking my head at the "you must have unconfessed sins" thing. Another of Christ's healings srpings to mind where he said, "Neither this man nor his parents have sinned, but he's blind so that the glory of the Lord can be made manifest through him." Who are we to presume to know the WHY of these things?

    My opinion is that we need to believe, yes, that God CAN heal man through man--and I love how the people in this passage are so amazed at that! It's truly miraculous that He would give us this power! But what is more important? To have perfect health here on earth or an eternity with the Lord? Jesus was offering the latter to that man by forgiving his sins, just as He offers it to us all. He gave the best FIRST. Then gave the healing, too, just to provide a sign.

    1. Roseanna - my thoughts exactly. Having sins forgiven is more important than being physically healed. And, beyond that, accepting that forgiveness is sometimes necessary for proper physical healing to take place. Guilt can mess with our health and restrict healing.

    2. I hadn't thought about the guilt aspect but that's very true. And another important reason for us to stay clean before our Lord.
      Thanks to both of you for your wise words.

  2. He Touched Me
    Bill and Gloria Gaither

    When He has touched us we have no doubt
    He sees our deepest need
    We will never be the same

    He has cleansed and made us whole
    Like the woman at the well
    The woman who touched the hem of His garment
    “If I only touch his clothes, I’ll get well.”

    The paralyzed man on the stretcher
    Some people brought him a paralyzed man on a stretcher.
    When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “Cheer up, friend! Your sins are forgiven.”

    “My daughter just died. Come, lay your hand on her, and she will live.”

    "Lazarus, COME FORTH."

    Jesus went into a house, and the blind men followed him. He said to them, “Do you believe that I can do this?”“Yes, Lord,” they answered. He touched their eyes and said, “What you have believed will be done for you!”

    Zaccheus, come down, I'm coming to your house today.

    Martha, Martha, Mary has chosen the better thing.

    As they were leaving, some people brought a man to Jesus. The man was unable to talk because he was possessed by a demon. But as soon as the demon was forced out, the man began to speak.

    Oh, Lord, may we pour out our alabaster jar and offer all we are to you