Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 48 - Matthew 17

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The transfiguration story is one of my favorites. I've always wondered how did James, John, and Peter knew that it was Moses and Elijah that appeared with Jesus? It's not like they had picture books of them! I've always wondered too, if Moses really died on the mountain. I know scripture records that he died, but didn't the saints of old go to  Paradise? Anyway, it has no basis on my salvation, but it's one of the many questions I look forward to asking when I get to heaven.

But I do love the last story in this chapter of how the fish supplied the tax money. Just a reminder that God has a sense of humor and will supply our needs in creative ways.

Do you a story of how God has supplied a need in a creative way?


  1. I had a need filled yesterday. I am traveling for work and a couple of very disturbing this happened yesterday, including receiving a couple disturbing phone calls. I was very stressed out and felt I needed to be home taking care of family, but I'm not scheduled home until tonight. I was very upset and went for a walk after the meetings thinking, "I hate this life!" I was crying and felt so alone.

    Out of the blue, a couple who never call me when I'm out of town called me on my cell phone and said that they picked up a feeling that something was very wrong and when they discussed it, they thought they'd call me just to check in and make sure everything was OK. Now, was that a coincidence? I think not! :-) I felt so much better after I was able to talk to them.

    As for Moses and whether he went to Paradise - who knows? Maybe he was in Paradise and God sent him on a mission to Earth. There are so many things that happen in the Bible that can't be explained by our limited logic. God works in a different realm. The whole transfiguration story does bring up many interesting questions, though. It sparks the imagination.

    1. Sometimes I think these types of answers make a bigger impact on us than material ones. One particularly rotten day I'm in the crosswalk headed back to the office from lunch when a student that I'd never met simply said "God just wants you to remember how much He loves you."

  2. Yes, I owed money for childcare from previous years to a mom whose child was a classmate. I desired to pay her even though she had forgiven my debt, and the Lord provided a woman who needed evening care for her son. I kept a running total on a piece of paper, from the amount I owed, and would subtract what money came into my hands from the total each time. Almost to the penny, the supply ended when I reached what I needed. I sent a check for the money inside a thank you note sized-envelope. The woman was leaving on a trip to a bowling convention in another state. She glanced at the envelope but didn't open it. Upon her return, she called me and said God had filled her need for the amount she needed for her trip, and she was remorseful that she hadn't opened it when she got it. Oh, God is so good. To prompt me to pay it, to provide for the money, and to meet her need two years later.

    I think Jesus introduced the men to each other!

    1. God sees the big picture!!

      Can you imagine the introduction!?!?! WOW!