Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34 - Matthew 3

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In Matthew 3 we meet John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus. Can you imagine what he must have looked like, dressed in clothes woven from camel's hair and a leather belt. Eating locust and wild honey and I bet he was healthy!  

People came to see him and listen to his message and apparently many responded. Like Jesus, John was not afraid to speak his mind to the religious leaders.

I love the interaction between Jesus and John. John does not feel he is even worthy to carry Jesus' sandals, yet he obeys Jesus and baptizes Him. We have no idea if Jesus and John grew up together or knew each other as kids. We know Mary visited Elizabeth during their pregnancies but we don't know if they were ever together again. Elizabeth and Zechariah were both old when John was born and it is assumed probably died when he was young. Yet we really don't know for sure.

Your thoughts from this passage.  Thank you again for those who feel comfortable to share. I've been blessed by your thoughts and insights.


  1. For the last couple months, I've been noodling putting together a something-or-another (blog post, maybe?) about the Lord as the ancient elements of water, fire, earth, and air. The Bible gives us such stirring examples of Him acting as each--and in this one, the baptism of fire jumps out at me because I've been thinking on it so much. In our readings thus far we've seen Him as the water that nourishes us, and here we have the fire that cleanses us. Love it. =)

    1. Yes, I like the image of the Spirit being represented as fire. Fire is a very active element. It represents passion. It is the "fire" that makes us want to shout "Halleluia!" I like your idea of a blog post on the elements.

    2. Me too! (on the blog post idea) I hadn't really thought about the fire being an active element, but it is. A few months ago here in LA a gasoline truck caught on fire underneath an overpass, the heat was so intense that even the concrete started to explode.

      When the fire of the Holy Spirit moves in us,wow!

  2. I like all of the metaphors and imagery in this chapter. From John the Babtist in his camel hair clothes to the what and chaff to being baptized with fire.

    And, I like the interacttion between John and Jesus. The humility and respect each show.

  3. Matthew 3
    John continues the prophet's call from Malachi. John preaches repentance, to turn to God, and change our thinking and actions. Jesus is baptized in the Jordan, declaring His intent to follow the will of the Father. It identifies Him with the sinners He has come to save, most important in the Father's will for Him. He fulfilled all righteousness. God spoke directly to Jesus telling Him of His delight in Him. All there hear God say, "This is My beloved Son!" He Is Who He Is. His proclaimed ministering!
    11b "He Himself will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire."