Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60 - Mark 1

Here we are on the 60th day of the year already! And we're starting our third gospel. When I did a class on the gospels one of the things about Mark is the fast pace of his gospel. He didn't waste time or words on telling what Jesus did. 

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Where to begin? In the first chapter of Mark we meet John the Baptist, Jesus is baptized, he calls Simon Peter and Andrew (and it looks like James and John), heals LOTS of people, casts out lots of demons and gets to the point where He can't go into cities without being bombarded by people. But the one thing that I really like is in verse 35 Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray. The Son of God took time to be alone so he could pray.  Hmm... probably a good idea for me a mere human to take time to be alone to pray.

Lots of good stuff in these verses. What did you enjoy?


  1. Wow, Mark is brief and punchy, isn't he? =) The same part struck me, about him going away to pray. And also that he was moved by compassion for the leper.

  2. After reading the other gospels, my head is spinning reading Mark. It is more like a list of accounts.

    "Prepare the way of the Lord." I can't help but hearing the Gospel song in my head.

    On a separate note, I know I've been in and out lately. My dad, who has Alzheimer's, fell and broke his hip. He is in the hospital and will have surgery tomorrow. In the meantime, he stopped eating. I've been at the hospital a lot in the past couple days. So, if I don't comment every day, know that I am still reading the chapters - sometimes as a catch up. :-)

  3. If Mark were an editor, a lot of my words would be left off ~*~ too detailed, visual, describing ... writing paragraphs, while my husband outlines.

    Mark 1
    1 This is the beginning of the Good News about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
    ~*~ in-between ~*~
    45b But people still kept coming to him from everywhere.

    the in-betweens:
    John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus' coming and ministry
    Jesus is
    baptized by John
    tempted by satan for 40 days in the desert and is ministered to by angels
    John is imprisoned
    Jesus calls His first disciples
    teaches in the synagogue in Capernaum
    orders an evil spirit to keep quiet and come out of a man
    cures many who are sick with various diseases and forces many demons out of people, not allowing them to speak because they know Who He Is
    **He goes to a solitary place to pray to His Father**
    He spreads the Good News in the synagogues all over Galilee, forces demons out of people, and cures many diseases