Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 71 - Proverbs 6

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The book of Proverbs provide so much wisdom I think the thing that jumped out at me in today's passage were verses 20-23:
My son, obey your father’s commands, and don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.21 Keep their words always in your heart. Tie them around your neck.22 When you walk, their counsel will lead you.
When you sleep, they will protect you. When you wake up, they will advise you.
23 For their command is a lamp and their instruction a light; their corrective discipline is the way to life.

God provided us His Words, His Commands, His Instructions so our way would be lit.  I'm so grateful that God laid this idea on my heart on September 11, 2011 and that I've been able to stick with it for 71 days.  There are many promises tied to obeying God's Words.

What other good stuff did you see in this passage?


  1. "There are six things the LORD hates—
    no, seven things he detests:17 haughty eyes,
    a lying tongue,
    hands that kill the innocent,18 a heart that plots evil,
    feet that race to do wrong,19 a false witness who pours out lies,
    a person who sows discord in a family"

    I like this part because I hate these things, too. And, if I'm truly loving my neighbor, I'll avoid all of these things.

  2. Proverbs 6
    Surety for another. Valued friendship. If they are unable to pay, they will avoid you and you will have lost a friend. If you have it to give, give as a gift without thought of return. In this way you will have your friend and repayment is a bonus.

    The steadfastness of the ant! We are to prepare in the now, sustenance for need. This includes putting God's Word in our heart.

    Proverbs chapters 5-7 warn against adultery. God's design is for a man and woman to have physical/spiritual/emotional bonding within a marriage covenant.