Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, Day 87 - Luke 4

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Jesus is tempted in the dessert ...  When the devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left him until the next opportunity came. (v. 13)  I'm not sure I'd noticed that line before.  I don't believe scriptures record Jesus facing another temptation other than possibly in the Garden.  We know from Paul's writing (sorry I don't remember where right now, but I'm guessing Lane will remember) that Jesus was tempted in all the same ways we are.  (rough paraphrase)

What does this passage tell us about the nature of God?  Or pick another question to answer I love reading your insights.  They've blessed me so much.


  1. What really struck me in this chapter was that Jesus had to command the demons to be quiet because they were blabbing who He was. ;-) Usually we think about those He helped going and telling everyone about Him, but I usually forget that His true enemies bear witness to Him every bit as much.

    Which sort of ties into your question about the nature of God--it tells me that it can't be denied.

  2. Well, Jesus was in a human body and therefore tempted every day, just like we are. One of the other times I can think of was when he was being stoned and beaten and Herod told him to save himself if he was truly the Christ. I believe that was the devil working through Herod and the other people, giving him the biggest temptation of all time.

    It is important for me that Jesus was tempted. It means that he intimately relates to me in that way and it makes His death and resurrection that much more meaningful.

  3. Hebrews 4:15 (Holly, you are too funny!! ~*~)

    Luke 4
    1a Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit as he left the Jordan River. The Spirit led him while he was in the desert
    14a Jesus returned to Galilee. The power of the Spirit was with him

    John 6:44! I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit, drawing me, keeping me.

    Luke 4:17-21 that is so awesome!! God's Word revealed! vs 21 Then he said to them, “This passage came true today when you heard me read it.”

    type in the part of the verse you are looking for, up at the URL line at the top (in place of the http:...); the Scripture verse will come up; click on the first one and it will have parallel translations to choose from