Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24, Day 84 - Luke 3

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The question I asked myself (from the list) is what does this passage tell us about the nature of people?

I see in this passage many types of people. I love how "even the corrupt tax collectors" came to be baptized and wanted to know what to do.  Tax collectors were hated by the Jews because of their corrupt way, yet even before Jesus arrives on the scene, the recognize they had a problem.


  1. I think the passage tells us that most people naturally want to be close to God. Sometimes, we just don't quite know how to get to that place. We don't see what is blocking us from that perfect peace.

  2. Luke 3
    8 Do those things that prove that you have turned to God and have changed the way you think and act. Don’t say, ‘Abraham is our ancestor.’

    We do not seek answers by going to others first as we once did; we rely on God's Word we now know for ourselves. We turn to God and not others for what they have read or believe. His Word is true. We realize that Jesus is Lord, beyond saying it or knowing it in our head. Our hearts proclaim that Jesus is Lord. We have experienced Him. We now know Him for ourselves.

    God does not have grandchildren!