Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2, January 2 - John 2

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The Wedding in Cana and Jesus then clears the Temple. Jesus first miracle (as recorded by John) and His first statement regarding His "relationship" to God.

Feel free to share anything you want regarding this passage, but if you want to answer this question, "What insight does this passage give in relationship between the church and secular powers?"



  1. John 2
    19 Jesus replied, “Tear down this temple, and I’ll rebuild it in three days.”
    20 The Jews said, “It took forty-six years to build this temple. Do you really think you’re going to rebuild it in three days?”
    21 But the temple Jesus spoke about was his own body.
    22 After he came back to life, his disciples remembered that he had said this.

    This Scripture reminds me that what God's Word says is true. When we read His Word, we are prepared in advance for what happens later. When we are in a situation, the Holy Spirit brings back to remembrance the very Word we need for the moment ~ either as a road map, a confidence, an assured confirmation we are on the right step on the path He has set us on ~ or to correct, to turn in the right way or direction. To stand firm. To wait.

  2. From verses 7 & 8 - I want to be like those servants. They knew from a worldly perspective what was going on, and they obeyed anyway. They had no clue who Jesus was or what he could do, but they obeyed anyway. I have over 30 years of experience with God. I know what God can do, but I still fret and worry and wonder if I should do something or not. I want to immediately obey in all circumstances.

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    I don't think I ever thought about the servants, but it's really true. Mary did tell them to do whatever he says, but can you imagine what they were thinking?!?!

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