Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17 - Proverbs 3

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This is another chapter rich with some many promises, verses 5 and 6 are so well know (because they're just that good) 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.6 Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

But the passage that jumped out at me was verse 21-23 21 My child, don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment. Hang on to them,22 for they will refresh your soul. They are like jewels on a necklace.23 They keep you safe on your way, and your feet will not stumble.

Sometimes it's so easy to forget common sense, wisdom, and discernment is so important in our world. Plus there is a promise, they will refresh your soul. How often do we need refreshment?  For me, almost every day.

There's a lot of good stuff here, what jumps out at you?  


  1. Love all the verses you pointed out, Holly! What jumped out at me was verse 27: Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, When it is in the power of your hand to do so.

    That reminds of the NT one (James, I believe) that says "to him who knows to do good and doesn't do it, to him it is sin." We're held accountable for what we don't do, as well as what we do.

    Also love the bit at the end about scorning the scornful but giving grace to the humble. Great chapter!

  2. So true Roseanna! I hadn't thought about the tie in with James (I'm pretty sure that's right) It's really hard here in SoCal when you see someone who "appears" to be homeless asking for money. Too often they're scammers just looking for a handout. What what is our response? I know some people who will offer to buy them food or take them into a fast food place to buy them something to eat. As a woman I found that a little unnerving... it's something I struggle with all the time.

    1. For people asking for money on the streets in an area I'm not familiar with, I usually have a rule of thumb. I know I am discriminating, but often I give money to women over fifty, obviously disabled people and anyone with children. If anyone is obviously drunk, I don't give them money.

      If they are asking for money in my town, I tell them where the food closet and community help center is.

      I vote for and support candidates and policies that help people in need and put humanity above war and other destructive use of public money.

      I pray for them all and thank God I have a roof over my head and food on the table. There is only so much each person can do, but collectively as a society, we can do a lot (if we really wanted to).

  3. 18 Wisdom is a tree of life to those who embrace her;
    happy are those who hold her tightly.

    I love this image!

  4. Many images indeed!

    I haven't been commenting, but I am reading!

  5. Proverbs 3 [God's Word translation]:

    21b Use priceless wisdom and foresight.

    Foresight jumped out at me. Foresight, knowledge previously given to us we can use now. Not having to experience it firsthand, but be given the wisdom and information to do the right thing.

    27 Do not hold back anything good from those who are entitled to it when you have the power to do so.
    28 When you have the good thing with you, do not tell your neighbor, “Go away! Come back tomorrow. I'll give you something then.”

    When you are nudged to give something to someone ~*~ and I liked 28a “When you have the good thing with you...” ~*~ give it! You cannot receive when your hands are full.