Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29 - John 21

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As we close the book of John we read about the final interactions between Jesus and His disciples. There are so many aspects in this chapter. I think one of my favorites is when Jesus tells them to put the net on the other side of the boat in verse 6. It just reminds me that we can be doing something the way we've always done it but not get any results and then Jesus tells us to try it a slightly different way and WOW what results! It's all about obedience. Sometimes I ask my self why do I fight listening to God on things.  Especially when time and time again He's proven He knows what he's talking about.

There is so much in this chapter, what speaks to your heart today?


  1. Here again, the disciples don't recognize Jesus at first. I've always wondered if his appearance had changed after he had risen from the dead. It seems that this must be so. And, I think it is important because they seem to recognize him for aspects other than his appearance. To me, this means that I can recongnize him, too. I can know in my heart when he is speaking to me.

    1. I've noticed the same thing a lot in this read-through, Sharon. Love your thoughts on it!

  2. John 21
    5 Jesus asked them, “Friends, haven’t you caught any fish?” They answered him, “No, we haven’t.”
    12 Jesus told them, “Come, have breakfast.”
    In between everything changes when Jesus speaks, they listen and do what He says! Do we always recognize Him? When we do, do we listen?
    I have prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies.