Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19 - John 13

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The Son of God takes up a wash basin and washes the feet of  His followers! The humility of God and the reminder that we need to have a servants heart and willing to get dirty to serve those around us. We've done a foot washing service a few times at our church during Holy Week and it's such a humbling experience.

Jesus also shares His heartache for what He knew what was coming. He gave us the ultimate gift.

This is another chapter rich with truths and things to think about. What do you like from the passage?


  1. Has anyone ever done a Messianic Seder? I have a couple times, and it brings this chapter to life in ways I never would have thought! The passing of the bread, for instance, has to be done in a certain direction--so it's no wonder it didn't immediately make it all clear to them that Judas was the betrayer. It also sheds light on why Jesus said what he did at given times during the meal, speaking to the prophecy and tradition inherent in the ceremony. So, so cool to get that background.

    1. It sounds like a great experience. I've been talking to some people on another list and some churches still practice foot washing, especially on Maunday Thursday. They say it is a beautiful, humbling experience. I'm very intrigued by the idea.

      My husband recently had a knee replacement surgery and for a couple weeks, I had to give him sponge baths and wash his hair for him. At first, it was very awkward because he is a very private person. But, after a couple times, it became a humbling experience for us both, especially when I was down washing his feet. There was a real feeling of closeness and gratitude.

  2. Yes!!!! Several years ago a sister church did the full dinner (with some adaptations) it was beautiful. Especially since the speaker being a Christian Jew he explained the symbolism in light of salvation. Very powerful!

    1. My first one was led by a Messianic Jew as well--sooooooo awesome! Our church did one a couple years ago, and it definitely wasn't as smooth as that first one, given that we were all just reading off the online script, LOL, but it was still cool. I've never looked at the Last Supper stories the same!

  3. John 13
    1 Before the Passover festival, Jesus knew that the time had come for him to leave this world and go back to the Father. Jesus loved his own who were in the world, and he loved them to the end.

    31 A.D. The Father revealed to Jesus, Now is the time to return to Me. How exciting and sad at the same moment. The time has come to free Your children! The sacrifice He made has freed us!

    Simon Peter was so sincere. 38 Jesus replied, “Will you give your life for Me?

    Will we live by His example? A song I heard this morning was about sin for salvation. Willing to give up our agenda for the life He has for us!